BPMBy Mr Tim Austin, NSW Director

In May of this year, the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) launched their “Better Pain Austin_T_0410_APS_2017_AJS_4784-smlManagement” modules.  These are 12 internet-based learning modules covering a broad range of topics in Pain Management.  The modules cover broad areas such as a whole person approach to understanding and assessing pain and the impact of psychological factors on pain, and there are also modules on specific topic areas, such as opioid management, low back pain, neuropathic pain and paediatric pain.

The modules are highly interactive, and require you to answer questions (written and multiple choice) during your learning.  This certainly enhances the learning experience.  Each module takes 30-60 minutes to complete, which is just the right amount of time to learn new information from the topic area, without being overwhelmed.

The modules are ideal for any profession working in the pain management field.  Whilst some modules will be more relevant for certain professions than others, every module has something to offer in terms of increasing the knowledge base in pain management.

The APS has negotiated a special deal with the Faculty for a 20% discount when purchasing individual modules.

APS members now have real flexibility to purchase individual modules or put together a self-directed learning program consisting of a group of modules that specifically meets their needs.  Designed by world leaders in pain medicine, this program is designed to help APS members who care for patients with persistent pain, engage in ongoing, continuous professional learning.

To access the 20% discount for single modules or to put together your own self-directed learning program, please login to the Members Area of the APS website.

NOTE: The FPM has other discounts for various courses (packages of modules). If you choose to buy a course of modules, please go directly to the Better Pain Management  website.




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