Patrick_WallThe Patrick Wall lecture is a New Zealand Pain Society (NZPS) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) lecture that is a state of the science focused lecture named in honour of Patrick Wall. Patrick Wall was a mentor and friend to some of the early members of NZPS and his family gave consent for an annual lecture to be named for him.

2018 Patrick Wall Lecture:

mcmahon_webProfessor Stephen McMahon will be presenting the Patrick Wall Lecture, discussing Mechanisms of pain vulnerability: Why me?

Professor Stephen McMahon is Sherrington Professor of Physiology at King’s College London. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. His major research interest is pain mechanisms. He has a long-standing interest in identifying pain mediators and studying their neurobiological actions. He has worked extensively on the role of NGF (neutralising antibodies now in multiple phase III trials), ATP acting at P2X3 receptors (receptor antagonists now in multiple phase II and III trials). His current research is focused on neuro-immune interactions, particularly the neurobiology of chemokines, and the genetics and epigenetics of pain.

Professor McMahon currently directs the Wellcome Trust Pain Consortium, and prior to this, the London Pain Consortium, a collection of leading pain researchers working to better understand chronic pain mechanisms and improve treatments.

We are delighted to have Professor Stephen McMahon involved in 2018 APS 38th and NZPS Conjoint ASM and present the Patrick Wall Lecture. We hope you will be able to attend and enjoy everything this ASM has to offer.

Registrations are now open!

Click here to register for the 2018 APS 38th and NZPS Conjoint ASM.


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