Just like the old-school Milk Bar, you have the option to pick ‘n’ mix your pre-conference workshop selection. For example, you may want to attend the Fundamentals of Pain Workshop in the morning and then head over to the Pain in Childhood afternoon session. This gives you the freedom to customise your conference experience.

Date: Sunday 8 April 2018
Venue: International Convention Centre Sydney
Website: Pre-Conference Workshops

Acute Pain (Morning and Afternoon Workshops)
Kick start your journey at the APS NZPS Conjoint Scientific Meeting by attending the Acute Pain Day Pre-Conference Workshop. The workshop promises to address recent advances and controversies in Acute Pain Management. The program is suitable for the occasional pain specialist, regular APS consultants and nurses. The workshop is split into two half day programs. Join us for the morning, afternoon or both.

Pain in Childhood (Morning and Afternoon Workshops)
Excellence in Communication and Education
Covering varied topics of practical and pragmatic relevance to the practice of paediatric pain medicine.
It will involve discussion groups and be relevant to the whole of the multidisciplinary team looking after the child with pain. The workshop is also split into two half day programs. Join us for the morning, afternoon or both.

Basic Pain Research (Morning Workshop)
The workshop will aim to present current basic pain research in Australia and provide evidence of its importance for our understanding of mechanism underlying nociception.
The workshop is relevant for researchers, health professionals including students with interest in basic pain mechanisms and current research.

Fundamentals of Pain (Morning Workshop)
Fundamentals of Pain explores current perspectives on the physiology of acute and persistent pain, including psychological aspects, the clinical approach to assessment, and treatment options.  Whilst developed for a GP audience, this workshop is pertinent to the interdisciplinary practitioner or early career clinician.  Using lecture presentations on physiology, pharmacology and psychological aspects of pain, case studies and open discussion/forum, the fundamentals of contemporary pain management will be covered in a stimulating, open and audience centred manner.

Pain Toolkit – Run by Pete Moore (Morning Workshop)
The Pain Toolkit originated back in 2002 when Pete Moore was writing a self-management article for pain health care professionals. Living with pain himself, Pete recognised while writing his article, that he had developed a toolkit of pain management skills to enable himself to become an active self-manager and to lead a better life.

Pharmacology in Pain Management (Afternoon Workshop)
The aim of the Pharmacology in Pain Management workshop is to make a significant contribution to the optimisation of pain treatment by bringing experts together to discuss the latest scientific findings within the pain management clinical pharmacology field. Scientific, regulatory or strategy issues that are highly relevant to the optimisation of acute and chronic pain treatment will also be exchanged and discussed.
This workshop will consist of invited lectures, abstract presentations and roundtable discussions.
The target audience for this workshop is clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists, industry researchers, pain specialists, paediatricians, clinical nurse consultants, government representatives and other experts with an interest in clinical pharmacology.

Physiotherapy in Pain Management (Afternoon Workshop)
This year’s workshop has at its central theme the most topical issue of the use of guidelines and protocols by clinicians.  This relates to appropriateness of both assessment and treatment of various pain conditions. This workshop is designed for any physiotherapist who works with people in pain.

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For further information on each of the Pre-Conference Workshops, programs and associated costs, please visit the conference website here.APSNZPS_2018_logoA_details


About Australian Pain Society

The Australian Pain Society is a multidisciplinary body aiming to relieve pain and related suffering through leadership in clinical practice, education, research and public advocacy.


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