The Australian Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific Meeting Pre-Conference Workshops will be held on Sunday 9 April 2017 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Pre-Conference Workshops
There are 8 half-day pre-conference workshops running on Sunday 9 April. Pick and mix as you desire. Attend the full day workshop or choose a morning session and another afternoon session.

Full Day Workshops

  • Acute Pain – Full Day Workshop

Kick start your journey at the 37th Annual Scientific Pain Conference by attending the Acute Pain Day Pre-Conference Workshop. The workshop promises to address recent advances and controversies in Acute Pain Management. The programme is suitable for the occasional pain specialist, regular APS consultants and nurses.

  • Pain in Childhood – Full Day Workshop

This year the Pain in Childhood Pre-Conference Workshop has evolved to a full day programme. The morning session will focus on complex and chronic pain.   The afternoon session will cover acute and procedural pain.

We are excited to be able to conclude the day with a 90min workshop by local procedural hypnosis expert Dr Allan Cyna. It will be a stimulating day for experienced practioners as well as those new to paediatric pain.

A Pain in Childhood SIG dinner follows later that evening, all are encouraged to attend!

Morning Workshops

  • Fundamentals of Pain – Morning Half Day Workshop

Fundamentals of Pain is an all day workshop exploring current perspectives on the physiology of acute and persistent pain, including psychological aspects, the clinical approach to assessment, and treatment options. Whilst developed for a GP audience, this workshop is pertinent to the interdisciplinary practitioner or early career clinician. Using lecture presentations on physiology, pharmacology and psychological aspects of pain, case studies and open discussion/forum, the fundamentals of contemporary pain management will be covered in a stimulating, open and audience centred manner.

  • Basic Pain Research – Morning Half Day Workshop

The workshop will aim to present current basic pain research in Australia and provide evidence of its importance for our understanding of mechanism underlying nociception. Area experts will provide latest research in areas such as impact of the immune system on nociceptive processing, role of the spinal cord in processing of nociceptive information, how we might be able to measure pain, how toxins can be used to treat pain and what the difference is between pain in internal organs and the rest of the body. In addition the presentations will introduce latest research techniques ranging from deep sequencing and optogenetics to comprehensive analysis of animal behaviour.

Audience: Researchers, health professionals including students with interest in basic pain mechanisms and current research

A Basic Pain Research dinner follows later that evening, all are encouraged to attend!

Afternoon Workshops

  • Pharmacology in Pain Management – Afternoon Half Day Workshop

The pharmacology in pain management is increasingly becoming a worldwide challenge particularly in geriatric patients who represent a significant component of our daily clinical work.

Pain is often under diagnosed and under treated. It may be attributed to age-related physiological changes, and there may be misperceptions about the use of pain medications by both patients and clinicians. More importantly the lack of evidence-based clinical research on pain management in older adults is another important reasons pain in older adults is mismanaged.

International experts are involved in intensive research to address the various concerns with regard to treatment. The aim of the Pharmacology in Pain Management afternoon half-day workshop is to make a significant contribution to the optimisation of pain treatment by bringing experts together to discuss the latest scientific findings within the pain management clinical pharmacology field. Scientific, regulatory or strategy issues that are highly relevant to the optimisation of acute and chronic pain treatment will also be exchanged and discussed with particular focus on the elderly. Novel therapeutic concepts designed for the treatment of the elderly multimorbid patient (average age 75 years) with chronic pain will be discussed. This workshop will consist of invited lectures, abstract presentations and roundtable discussions. Time will be allocated to questions, answers and discussion in order to set up an intimate interactive workshop.

  • Physiotherapy in Pain Management – Afternoon Half Day Workshop

This workshop is designed for any Physiotherapist who works with people in pain.

Specifically, this workshop will address issues related to the assessment of people with persistent pain.

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For further information about APS 2017 visit the conference website.

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About Australian Pain Society

The Australian Pain Society is a multidisciplinary body aiming to relieve pain and related suffering through leadership in clinical practice, education, research and public advocacy.


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