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Date: Sunday 7 April 2019

Venue: Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, QLD

Website: http://www.dcconferences.com.au/aps2019/pre-conference_workshops

Acute Pain – Falling Through the Cracks

Time: 8.45 am – 5.00 pm (option available to attend the morning or afternoon session or entire workshop)

Kick start your journey at the 2019 Australian Pain Society 39th Annual Scientific Meeting by attending the Acute Pain Day Pre-Conference Workshop. This workshop has been designed to appeal to all clinicians working or interested in acute pain management and offers a broad palette of speakers and topics. The major theme of the IASP Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable features strongly with speakers presenting on persistent postoperative pain in children and adolescents, the implications of pain for our Indigenous population, acute pain management in the opioid tolerant patient, the impact of codeine rescheduling, the challenge of pain management in patients with comorbid mental health and substance abuse disorders, what happens when patients slip through the cracks from a GP perspective as well as “snapshots” of clinical audits and cases.

Pain in Childhood – Full Day WorkshopPrint

Time: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm (option available to attend the morning or afternoon session or entire workshop)

The driving forces behind the day have been pragmatic and practical advice on managing paediatric patients and their families. The morning is devoted to the often challenging and poorly understood issues of adolescent pelvic pain, what is the role of endometriosis and the under-recognised condition of vulval pain in adolescents.

There will be the opportunity to hear from an interventional proceduralist on the potential benefits of stimulators in the paediatric pain population.

  • Virtual reality is certainly topical but how do we translate the technology to clinical practice?
  • Can we learn from the approach of a sports psychologist when managing chronic pain?
  • Is there new genetics information to expand the diagnostic possibilities of peripheral pain presentations?

All this and more will be packed into a day of paediatric pain. There will be the opportunity to continue the conversation into the evening as we have our paediatric group dinner. The paediatric pain community is small but dedicated to the improvement of our patients lives. We welcome all who come to learn and be part of our group. There are no strangers, only friends that you have not yet met!

Basic Pain Research – Morning Half Day Workshop

PrintTime: 8.30am – 12.30pm

The workshop will aim to present current basic pain research in Australia and provide evidence of its importance for our understanding of mechanism underlying nociception. Area experts and the next generation of researchers will provide latest research in areas such as role of the spinal cord in processing of nociceptive information, pain signalling in pelvic organs and the secrets behind the relationship of receptors and genes and pain.

Audience: Researchers, health professionals including students with interest in basic pain mechanisms and current research.

Fundamentals of Pain – Morning Half Day Workshop

Time: 8.30am – 12.30pm

The Fundamentals of Pain pre-conference workshop is a succinct overview of the physiology, pharmacology and clinical approach to the assessment and management of pain.  Aimed at the general practitioner, specialist or allied health clinician wishing to update their knowledge and approach to the patient suffering pain.

This workshop will utilise a socio-psycho-bio model of pain, developing a mechanistic based approach to pain management.  A case study will be presented for open discussion, utilising the perspectives of a multidisciplinary audience.

This workshop will compliment those with an interest in attending an afternoon session of pharmacology, acute pain or physiotherapy topics.

Pharmacology in Pain Management – Afternoon Half Day Workshop

Time: 1.30pm – 5.00pm

The Challenges and Opportunities of Pain Management in the Clinical Setting

The intended audience includes GPs, Pharmacists, Specialists and other Allied Health professionals with interest in pharmacology and its application in persistent pain within the clinical setting.

This will be an interactive workshop that will address the challenges and opportunities that are faced in the clinical setting. The workshop will focus on pain management in those suffering psychiatric disorders and the combination of psychotropics and analgesics. It will also address the safety and efficacy of opioids from hospital to beyond discharge, to the patient at home. There will be the opportunity to explore the risks associated with under-treatment, and the pervasiveness of opioid use and related dose-dependent risks and a fascinating look at how placebo is used in pain management and its application in clinical practice. The workshop will include a case study for practical application of principles that will be addressed by the various multidisciplinary expert speakers. There will be opportunities for questions and networking with peers, so that current evidence-based science can be optimised in everyday practice.

Physiotherapy in Pain Management – Afternoon Half Day Workshop

Time: 1.30pm – 5.00pm

The Science and Art of Patient Communication.

So much of our clinical interaction hinges on the ability to communicate. Whether it be to educate, reassure, conduct a subjective examination or just simply understand what is going on for a patient, knowing how to listen and respond in productive ways is crucial. This workshop will provide an overview of theories of communication in different patient population groups, and it will also give examples of the difference between effective communication and poor/harmful communications. The workshop will be highly interactive, and will provide attendees with opportunities to practice skills that will be immediately beneficial in clinical situations.

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For further information on each of the Pre-Conference Workshops, programs and associated costs, please visit the conference website here.APS2019 EMail Econnect-02

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